About us

Planet Innovation exists to develop and commercialize products that have a positive impact on the world. We provide technology innovation, product development and commercialization expertise to companies around the world and we focus on the biomedical, clean-tech and hi-tech industries.

Focused on your commercial result
Planet Innovation was formed in 2009 by four globally experienced biomedical executives who knew there was a better way to do product development. A way that focuses on your commercial outcomes as well as your technical needs.

Prior to forming Planet Innovation our four founding Directors all had extensive backgrounds as leaders in product development consultancies and global biomedical companies. What they discovered was that product development consultancies were focused on different objectives to their clients which often resulted in products failing in the market. They could see that development consultancies were often trying to win the largest project they could and satisfy only the technical specifications of the project. However, their clients were focused on minimizing their development cost, achieving faster time-to-market and ultimately maximizing the commercial success of their product.

A passionate team of specialists
We have grown to more than 250 brilliant, passionate and commercially focused product developers including engineers, scientists, industrial designers, technicians, project managers and QA managers.

We specialize in Biomedical and Hi-Tech connected devices; and excel at exploiting the technology convergence between these sectors. We focus on:

Diagnostics, Lifescience, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Point-of-Care, mHEALTH

Wireless solutions, Smart phone integration, Smart energy solutions, Custom automation, Software and electronics

Working with global leaders
Based in Melbourne, Australia we also operate out of Chicago and our clients, located all around the world, include established product companies and entrepreneurial start-ups. Our clients include three of the world’s top 10 biotech companies and through our commitment to delight our clients we proudly enjoy repeat engagements with over 90% of our customers. At PI we believe that it is the quality of the client relationships that matter, not the quantity.

Planet Innovation’s own products
In addition to developing products for our clients we also develop and launch our own products and platforms. We apply the learnings from developing these internal products to benefit all our clients by ensuring that if there is a faster, smarter way to help you launch your product then we will achieve this for you by leveraging existing technologies. Our products vary from re-usable hardware and software modules, to technology platforms, through to commercially available products.

A spirit of entrepreneurship
We believe that to attract and retain the best people in the world we need to provide an environment that is fun, challenging and allows people’s talents to shine. The Eureka club is an internal initiative by PI that encourages all our staff to suggest new product and commercial ideas. The ideas are peer reviewed and the best concepts sponsored with internal funding and resources.

Our staff then develop the product ideas from concept development through to manufacturing, sales and marketing. The experience gained is invaluable for our team and for all our clients.

This is the true spirit of entrepreneurship and the heart and soul of Planet Innovation.