Software Engineering

The software team at Planet Innovation has a broad range of experience developing software for medical devices and other domains.

Our capabilities include:

  • ŸManaging software development within a regulated ISO 62304 compliant process (for medical products).
  • Development of control software for sophisticated medical devices requiring control of precision robotics, microfluidics and sensitive temperature control.
  • ŸDeveloping firmware to robustly control complex peripherals in a wide range of embedded applications.
  • ŸWorking with end users and designers to create highly usable user interfaces that take into account factors such as support for internationalisation and touch screen usability.
  • Working with scientists and engineers to convert mathematical and scientific models into software algorithms.
  • Applying software development best practices such as Agile Development, Continuous Integration and Test Driven Design.
  • ŸInnovative reuse of legacy or third party software components to achieve a reduced development cost and time to market.
  • ŸSignificant experience in collaborating with external software and hardware partners (often in other countries) to jointly develop and integrate software components for a product.

Ÿ  We have experience in developing software for:

  • Operating systems including Microsoft Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  • Mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.
  • Network technologies, including TCP/IP, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi and Modbus.
  • Microprocessor families including PIC, MSP430, AVR32, ARM and x86.
  • Languages such as C/C++, C#, Python, MATLAB, Objective-C and Java.